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A Life Lived, A Dream Fulfilled, A Purpose Served

Just putting myself out there a little bit in this post. I want my readers to know a little about my life. 🙂

Christian Living

A Letter to My Teenage Self

Looking back at my teenage years there are many things that I would change if I knew then what I know now. However, I would never want to do those years over again. So much awkwardness, anxiety, fear, dread, and worry were a part of my life in those years and I would never want… Continue reading A Letter to My Teenage Self

Christian Living

Happiness: The Best Accessory

    Have you ever seen someone completely decked out in diamond jewelry, complete full face of the most expensive makeup, and the highest end fashion lines but they look like they are the most miserable people. Yes, makeup can cover dark circles, smile lines, discoloration, and other imperfections, but it will never "makeup" for… Continue reading Happiness: The Best Accessory