Cover FX Glitter Drops – Not for me…

Lately I have been trying the Cover FX glitter drops that came in last month’s boxy charm. (If you aren’t signed up for boxy charm, it is awesome, go here:Boxycharm Signup)

I must say this product may be amazing for some, but it is definitely not for me. It really is just like covering your face in glitter.

It comes in a small bottle with a little dropper. The dropper is great for easy application and it looks super pretty in the bottle! I love just looking at it! Which, it turns out, is a better use than actually applying it. I have no doubt many people would love this product. However, I tried mixing it with my foundation and it is just glitter everywhere. It looks like a container of glitter exploded on your face. I have also tried just using in specific places like you would a highlighter, but I still don’t like the look of just having glitter on my face. The only application I have found that I actually don’t mind it, is using it on my eyes. It is really pretty over an eyeshadow color. It is also really hard to remove though. Even with makeup remover and washing my face, I still find glitter days later. So, ultimately, if you love glitter  you will love this, but if you believe glitter should be reserved for craft projects then you won’t like this.


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  1. Laura Dove says:

    Oh I love this, what a great product to add a shimmer to your make up or use as a highlighter.


  2. The Color Coded Mom says:

    Wow! There really is so much makeup out there! I had never seen anything like this and think it might be too glittery for me, but good to know!


  3. regularlee says:

    Wow – absolutely beautiful! I’m totally tempted to try this glittery look even though I rarely do looks like this.


  4. Kristie Jukkola says:

    I chuckled through this whole review. Ah, glitter!


  5. Surekha Busa says:

    So that’s glitters every where, that’s sounds so messy. But were all different, maybe we don’t appreciate this kind of makeup but maybe someone else may. Maybe it would be used for costumes.


  6. Chloe says:

    Very nice and festive addition to your makeup! I never tried this brand.


  7. I am not into make up but I wanna try this. I love glitters. =)


  8. Going to have to share this with my girlfriend, looks like something she would love. Thanks.


  9. Jennifer Prince says:

    Ha! I love an honest review. I am sure it’s ok in small doses, but I’m not a huge fan of highlighters and glitters.


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