Ulta Beauty Collection *video review*





All my Ulta Beauty Goodies

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  1. Laura Dove says:

    Oh wow these look fab! I love all of the colours! I havent heard of this range before but would definitely try it!


  2. I have not heard of this range before, but love all the colours, I really want to try these now


  3. Chloe @callmecoco.co says:

    So colorful and shiny! Must be a dream for makeup lovers and really good Xmas presents for beauty addicts


  4. Surekha Busa says:

    Those are really looks good product. I would love the Lip liner and the lipstick. It looks really gorgeous on you.


  5. I am basically just a lippy and concealer person. I hardly use makeup, until there is a photoshoot. But it is good to read the review of other products. And I loved the video.


  6. I absolutely love Ulta Beauty products. I love all the lipstick and lipgloss colors. I definitely like the lipstick cases, they are really cute. Ulta does a good job with their packaging.


  7. I am yet to try any Ulta Beauty product. These look very nice. Will look out for the products.


  8. suchi says:

    I love Ulta products!! Love it!!


  9. Karen Monica says:

    I have not tried Ulta products before but the colours are beautiful. Will try these out.


  10. Ahtsham says:

    Thanks for sharing, I guess I’ll show these to my wife, she’ll definitely want em of course.


  11. Great I’m sure my wife will absolutely love this post!


  12. blair villanueva says:

    I always heard many feedbacks about ULTA and how I always wish we have it here in the Philippines! I’m so jealous these are soo fabulous 😀


  13. Hannah Marie says:

    I can’t explain what it is about lippies that make my heart pound whenever I see great shades in one set.


  14. makeupadda1 says:

    Wow looks like amazing makeup. I would love to try them sometime. Lipsticks are my favorite here.


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