BareMinerals BarePro Glow Highlighter




BareMinerals recently came out with this brand new liquid highlighter that I was so excited to get to try! It can be added to your foundation or used alone or used as a liquid highlighter. It is so pretty!


It really is classic bare minerals. It is not too glittery or shiny, but adds the perfect amount of glow to your face. I love mixing it with my BarePro Foundation. It mixes very well, doesn’t add too much color, and just looks fabulous.D27DC328-32FD-456B-81FE-71849FE33495

A little definitely goes a long way, so even though this is only .5 fluid oz this will last a very long time.


I would definitely recommend this product, especially for summer although I will be using it year round!



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  1. I will have to look out for this next time I am needing a highlighter


  2. Di Hickman says:

    I would have LOVED to have seen before/after of this. Definitely something I’ll be looking at buying as we head into party season!


  3. mamabee1981 says:

    I had wondered about this brand. Glad that you shared something about them. I have yet to purchase as i hadn’t read enough yet. Maybe I will try them out now.


  4. I don’t use makeup but my best friend does. She will love this highlighter. Will share this to her. =)


  5. Menesa says:

    Looks like a lovely highlighter. Definitely convinced to give it a try, especially during the upcoming holiday season.


  6. Ohh I wonder if I can get this on the Black Friday sales this weekend! I have not tried this brand yet so it will be great to see how it works.


  7. Surekha Busa says:

    First time to hear this brand and it sounds like a nice product. I will definitely check this out!


  8. Melissa Bradbury says:

    I have never tried this one before so may be worth looking at. Thank you.


  9. I have heard so many great things about this brand. I have to grab my hands on some of their products and see for myself. Thanks for sharing


  10. cleverlychanging says:

    I wonder if they have my shade of brown. Many companies don’t sell my shade so it’s hard to find some that compliment my skin tone.


  11. Wow, looks great. I could see my mum really liking this. I’ve heard a lot about the brands but yes i wonder if they have a shade for darker skin tones.


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