Wish List for a Beauty Blogger

I read a similar post to this one a few weeks ago except in a different genre of writing and I thought it would be a pretty fun one to do. What do you buy for a beauty blogger? What would be on my Christmas wish list? This was really fun to put together, mostly because it was fun to dream. Haha This list also works for anyone who is a makeup lover, like myself! 🙂


1. GIFT CARDS – There is always new makeup coming out, but it may not be at the exact time the special occasion is. Gift cards are a great idea because the makeup lover can save them until there is something new available that she can’t live without! 🙂 My top gift card suggestions would be: 1. Ulta 2. Sephora 3. CVS

2. Eye Shadow Palettes – I don’t know about you, but I can never have too many eye shadow palettes. If you happen to get me one I already have or don’t want just leave the gift receipt. 🙂 This is a little more thought out than the gift card option.

3. Beauty Blenders – A person can never have too many beauty blenders! I use these for so many things and eventually they do have to be replaced. I love having some on stand by just in case.

4. Unique products I could review for the blog – If you saw an eye liner stamp that was shaped like a Christmas tree or a holographic eye shadow that was in a unicorn box, snatch it up!! 🙂 I can always use fun things to write reviews about. Even if you aren’t a blogger, who doesn’t love new weird things to try! Well, maybe that is just me. Haha

5. A full face collection – Do you remember the recent review I did on the Tarte Collection that came in the big palette all together?!? Sure ya do! 🙂 I love those. It is practically a full face of makeup all in one giant beautiful package. Those are always great gifts!!


Now before anyone asks, I do have favorite brands that I would prefer over others, so here goes:

1. Bare Minerals

2. Urban Decay

3. Tarte

4. IT cosmetics

5. Maybelline

6. Laura Gellar

7. Juvia’s Place

There are so many others, but these are most of the ones I love.


What would be on your wish list?? If you have made a post like this, link it below. If not, put a few things that would be on your list in the comment section! I look forward to knowing what is on your wish list!!!


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Kemi says:

    I’d like to receive cold hard cash for my savings…or something of equal value I cannot afford myself.


  2. The holidays are approaching quickly and this post just made me realize all the shopping I have to do. If I do get any makeup for Christmas, my absolutely favorite is Tarte. Apart from makeup, I really would like some cash so I could book a getaway.


  3. I just need a face primer and some good make up brushes and I am all done. I love your list though.


  4. Laura Dove says:

    Oh you have already got your wish list! I havent even thought about it just yet! I do love urban decay though!


  5. happyandbusy says:

    Ohhh These were also included in my wishlist haha


  6. That’s a really great wish list, and thanks to you, I just read about beauty benders! I think gift cards are always a good idea!


  7. Gervin Khan says:

    I just wanted to receive a pair of shoes that I can be use in my running activity.


  8. Haha so true, your list covers it all! These days there are so many to choose from!


  9. Channon Gray says:

    I’m forever in need of a new beauty blender! Always an appreciated gift!


  10. Elizabeth O says:

    Glad that you have your wish list. My wish list is to have tons of makeup collections for this coming Christmas.


  11. Sigrid Says says:

    Oh you already have a list! If ever, I would like more sunblock please. haha The Biore, because I really like their sunblocks. 😀


  12. Surekha Busa says:

    You have a beautiful Christmas wish list and my wish list is for my kids a toy that it will educate them and have fun at the same time.


  13. Karen Monica says:

    Wow I love your wish list. I haven’t even thought of making mine yet and I also need to start planning what gifts to get others. Your list is kind of a great help.


  14. toastycritic says:

    I hear what you are saying. I am always up for unique things or adventures I could review for a blog. That’s what it means to be a blogger I believe.


  15. ninalehan21 says:

    oh, I need to save up cash for these products. I love urban decay, Maybelline and bare minerals


  16. Bianca Sasha says:

    Bare minerals and eminence are my two favourite beauty brands…love seeing bare minerals on your list!


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