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*Trying New Things* Makeup Brushes


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Generally, once I find a makeup brush that I love, that is all I use. I don’t try new ones very often. However, I have had some sent to me recently that I was interested in trying out and I thought I would share them with you.

92604AFC-1825-4C61-9B53-E9A842D1E8121. Luxie makeup brushes – I was actually surprised by these. I absolutely love the black one which is the 732 Airbrush Foundation Brush, but I did not at all like the pink ones. I was really hoping to like the pink ones because they are really pretty! 🙂 The black one works amazingly well with liquid foundation and also powder foundation. It holds on to the product well and applies smoothly and evenly. I love the handle, which makes it easier and more comfortable to hold. This brush came in my BoxyLuxe Wild for September! The pink ones didn’t hold product well, were kind of scratchy on my face, and didn’t apply anything very well. I was amazed that products made by the same company would be so different.


2.  Alamar Ojitos Brush Trio – I love these eye shadow brushes. There is a blending brush,429C75A0-1B83-4124-BD8C-44635644B68E
a flat brush, and a tight liner brush. All of them work wonderfully. They are not scratchy on my eye, which is one reason I don’t like Morphe brushes, and they apply and blend product beautifully. These are definitely being moved into my regular lineup of eyeshadow brushes!

If I was going to mention a con of these brushes, it would be that after a few uses the gold label rubbed off of the side of them, but ultimately that isn’t a big deal.


e152a513-1d1f-470e-b867-e1f29dfc99d1.jpeg3. IBY Beauty eyeshadow brush – This brush is just a simple eyeshadow brush, but it works really well. I use it to my lid if I am doing it all one color. It is a little too fluffy if you are trying to do a cut crease. It is nice and soft though and applies the product well.



4. Luxie 100 flat blender Harley Quinn – This is probably my second favorite new brush I have tried besides the Luxie Foundation Brush that I mentioned first. I was pretty amazed actually. It is a great concealer applicator brush. I use it for my under eye and with concealer for any blemishes. It applies evenly and has densely packed brushed so it doesn’t  soak up too much product and it applies smoothly and evenly. The bristles don’t feel scratchy on my face which is a huge plus for me! I am definitely keeping this one as well!

Sometimes it is good to try new things, you might find something you love like I did. Not that I need any more brushes, but want is a different story! 🙂


Do ny of these strike your fancy? Have you tried any of these brushes in my list or do you have a favorite you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!!


17 thoughts on “*Trying New Things* Makeup Brushes”

  1. It so good to learn about new makeup brush brands. I’m devoted to MAC brushes but they are so expensive! It’s nice to learn about some reasonably priced alternatives.


  2. This is very timely. I am about to purchase new brushes since my MAC brushes needs to be replaced already. Would love to try those on your list. Thank you for sharing.


  3. I really really want to get into/ get better at doing my makeup. I usually just do a swipe of eyeliner and some lipgloss and call it a day. But I did get an eyeshadow kit that came with a nice makeup brush from my mother in law. These look so pretty and I want to just collect pretty makeup things and then learn how to use them!


  4. It may sound weird but I never tired any kind of brush for makeup and I am not much in makeup things. I am going to share this with my sister because she loves to know more about makeup stuff.


  5. My daughter is the makeup girl at our house. The last time she was home, she happened to take my brush set with her and I’ve been on the hunt for some new ones. These, I’ll have to try. Thank you so much for the recommendation!


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