Tip Tuesday: Things You Need to Know

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Use a light shimmer eyeshadow or a highlighter to highlight the inner corner of the eye and the area under the arch of the eyebrow. It will make your eyes look wider and more awake as well as make the arch in your eyebrow more defined.


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  1. Pooja Kumari says:

    This is something I always do when I go out for an occasion. Earlier I never did it but when I started, I never went out to the gathering without this eye makeup. Although this is something very small, it makes a huge difference.
    Thank you for your quick tip.

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  2. This is something very small but it makes a huge difference. Tomorrow I’m trying this to office.

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  3. Fatima D Torres says:

    What a great idea to highlight the corners of your eyes. It definitely makes it stand out.

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  4. Bianca Sasha says:

    I love a short and sweet post to start the Tuesday!

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  5. Laura Dove says:

    Great tips! I know very little about make up, I need to get some tips and put them into practice!


  6. Such a great tip! I’m not much of a mack up person, but I need to try this because I have an issue with dark circles under my eyes. This sounds like it will help me a lot. Thanks for the tip.


  7. Will try this out tomorrow. My mommy would be shock 😛 I had never try it before


  8. Karen Monica says:

    Such a great make-up tip to highlight the eye are. I think I will give this tip a try


  9. Victoria says:

    That is such a great tip. I am a makeup newbie so I need all of the tips I can get lol


  10. Michele Dennis says:

    I do this whenever I do my makeup, depending on the look I’m going for will depend on how intense the shimmer is! This is a really great tip!


  11. You always have great tips! Seems like every week that I’m trying something you recommend. Thank you!


  12. Nina says:

    I never thought about this. I’m surprised that anyone would want to make their eyes a little wider. I’ve always thought women always want a little bit chinky eyes. 🙂 Great tips though!


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