Product Spotlight:Foundation

So, we all know that I love Bare Minerals makeup. I am not ashamed to say that I own one of every kind of their foundation and it is very difficult for another brand to dethrone them as my favorite. I am going to give a couple of tips to use when buying foundation and then give my current faves! 🙂

 #1 – Choose a foundation for your skin type – If you are prone to breakouts stay away from oil based foundations. Really heavy and full coverage foundations (in most cases) can clog pores and cause breakouts even with the use of a primer. Also, you might find it helpful to find a foundation that has medicines in the formula to help treat and prevent future breakouts. If you have oily skin, matte finish foundations are usually your best bet. If you have dry skin, look for a moisturizing foundation or one that leaves a bit of a dewy finish.

#2 – Choose the right color – Make sure you pick the right color foundation. Thankfully many stores will allow you to exchange a product if you bought the wrong color, but I hate having to return things and prefer to do it right the first time. With my Bare Minerals foundations I went to the Bare Minerals store and had them color match me. I definitely recommend this! Ulta will help you find your shade as well in anything they carry including their drug store brands. Check your shade by swiping a small amount down the bottom of your cheek, jawline, and onto your neck. You want your foundation to blend into your neck so you don’t have a harsh line at your jawline. Also, especially with drugstore foundations, wait a few minutes to see if the color changes after it has been applied. (TIP: If you can’t find your exact shade don’t be afraid to mix 2 different ones. I do this with my BM Complexion Rescue to get the shade I need)

#3 –  Decide what kind of coverage you desire – Before you go shopping, decide whether you want a full coverage, medium coverage, light coverage, or somewhere in between. There are so many different foundation out there and this is one way to weed it down to just the ones that will fit the type of look you want.

Foundation is so important to the rest of your makeup look. It give the base to which you will apply everything else. It should be long lasting, easily wearable, and look flawless.

My current favorite Bare Minerals Foundation is the original powder. You saw in my Ulta rewards post that I was able to get my summer shade and I have definitely been using it up! This foundation is the only powder that I have been able to use despite my extremely dry skin. It doesn’t bring attention to my dry spots and my enlarged pores on my nose and chin. You simply swirl, tap, and buff and you get a beautiful flawless coverage.

My second favorite Bare Minerals foundation is the blemish remedy powder foundation. The only reason it is my second favorite right now is that I have been breaking out on my chin and this foundation combined with the blemish primer from BM clear up my break outs in no time. Sometimes I use this as a thin layer under my original powder foundation just to help treat my blemishes.

My third favorite right now is actually a drug store product, which is unusual for me, but the Maybelline Superstay Foundation. That foundation is so full coverage and really is absolutely beautiful. It does oxidize a bit on the skin, but it is so pretty! I don’t wear a full coverage foundation very often, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money of one that just sits in the drawer for special occasions. This foundation retails for $9.99 and gives the coverage and long wear of a much higher end foundation.

While my favorites may change depending on the season, I always make sure to have a few foundations that I can rely on! What about you? Do you have a “go to” foundation or are you still searching for the perfect one?



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  1. Rachael says:

    I’ve never liked one because of smell. However, last year mom had me test two she had from Bare Minerals. The powder wasn’t smelly! So if I ever decide to go with one….that will be it. 😊


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