Shoutout to the Drugstore: Hit or Miss from CVS

Welcome to the first in a series of posts on my favorite drug store makeup! 🙂

So, anyone knows me, knows that I am a coupon guru and there is no where that is more fun to coupon than CVS. Mostly because you can get great deals on MAKEUP!!!!

For the last month or so I have been hitting up Extra Bucks deals at CVS and trying all kinds of things!!!

This is everything I tried before writing this post. WOW, look at all that stuff….

This is the first of a series of once a month posts on drugstore makeup. Generally I do not go for drugstore makeup for the simple reason that I am allergic to much of it and I prefer mineral based products, which is why bare minerals is my “go to”. However, I know that people love drugstore makeup because it is more affordable. So, for this post I decided to highlight some drugstore products that are super affordable and look great on the skin! I did not find something in every category that I love, but for this post I am focusing on base (foundation & concealer) makeup.



 DSC_0936Maybelline Superstay – $9.99 RP ($5.99 after extra bucks) – This foundation is wonderful, especially if you love full coverage. I don’t use full coverage all the time, so when I do want it, I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on it. It just sits in a drawer most of the time, so why would I spend much on it. This makeup does oxidize a bit. Thankfully I knew that before I bought it, so I bought one shade lighter than I usually would and it was perfect. It goes on seamlessly. It does feel a little heavy, but I kind of expect that with a full coverage foundation.



(The worst foundation that I tried was Revlon age defying foundation. That foundation oxidized so much, it just kept getting darker and darker after it was applied and it looked a little orange as well. Definitely did not work for me!)


Maybelline Master Conceal by FaceStudio RP $8.99 ($5.99 after EB) – This concealer is the bomb! It is not super heavy, but it is full coverage. It has a great shade range and I was able to find the perfect color to hide my dark under eyes. It is thick, but I would rather have thick than runny. This is actually my new “go to” concealer. I was using Bare Minerals Bare Pro concealer or It Cosmetics bye bye under eye, but this is just a fraction of the cost of those, so I have been reaching for this as an everyday concealer. It wears great without creasing and will definitely last all day.


(The worst concealer that I tried was Cover Girl Outlast All Day. It was very runny, didn’t cover much, and definitely didn’t last all day!)


I was allergic to many of the products I tried and many did not work for me at all, but I love that I found a few favorite things that will save me so much money in the long run. Are there any drugstore items that are your “go to” items? My sensitive skin needs a rest, but I am already making a list of other things I want to try!!


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  1. nmgilb says:

    I always try to have a drugstore fall back for every makeup item I use. I definitely prefer non drugstore makeup, but I’ve learned over lost luggage, forgotten makeup bags and every other disaster that I need a quick cheap substitute for most things.

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  2. I see you have a couple of nyx products there. They have yet to fail me, so far I’ve been satisfied with anything I’ve tried from them.

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    1. melissasfavoritemakeup says:

      Both of the NYX items I tried were great and I will be featuring them in an upcoming post!


  3. Sheree says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have tried some of these drug store brands but not all so I am excited to try them now!

    ~xo Sheree

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  4. Haha, drugstores are primarily where I get my makeup lol.


    1. melissasfavoritemakeup says:

      I wish I could use more of it, but my skin is just too sensitive for a lot of it.

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  5. Lisa Alfaro says:

    I love that you included your least favorite, too! I’m always on the hunt for makeup, I’m such a sucker for beauty products. Thanks for sharing these!


  6. Kerri says:

    Awesome, thanks for the reviews. I need a new concealer and am trying to spend less on that stuff. That looks like a great haul you got at CVS. Looking forward to hearing more!


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