Urban Decay’s *NEW* Born to Run collection



I was so excited to see this new collection from one of my favorite brands, Urban Decay. I love eyeshadow palettes and I was really excited to see what this new collection would hold. I will tell you right now, I was not disappointed.

I will start with the look. I have said before, I am very attracted to packaging. The outside box is interesting, but I really love the look of the palette and the lipstick holder. It is very visually interesting.

I love the size of this palette. Some people probably won’t like it because it is very large, but (to me) large means more product and more possibilities. This palette has 21 colors that are absolutely gorgeous. There are so many possible looks with this palette. I love color, and this palette definitely has that too. pans

I have been using this palette for about a week and have never done the same look twice!

The formula is typical of urban decay. The colors are very vibrant, especially the shimmers when they are applied wet. They are very easy to blend and there isn’t a whole lot of fallout from the pans, which I love. I hate when eye shadow powder goes everywhere and dirties the palette so quickly.

pan closeup

I do have a small problem with this palette, but it would not affect me purchasing. I hate the look of the pans. It almost looks like they aren’t full because so much of the pan is showing and it definitely affects the aesthetics of the palette itself. Also, I don’t think there are enough mattes. I would have loved to see a couple more matte colors to take the place of a couple of the shimmers, but that is obviously personal preference.

lipstick color


I also got one of the lipsticks and it is gorgeous!! Again, the packaging is very visually interesting. The lipstick is so creamy. The color is a little sheer at first, but it is buildable and looks amazing.


I did not get any of the eyeliner. I really like to use shadow as liner and there are a few shades in the palette that make great liners. Also, the liners are waterproof and I do not like waterproof anything!! The colors look promising, but not really worth the extra money when there are colors you can use in the palette.

Overall, this collection is definitely a good one to buy. This palette will give you so many looks, so even at the $49 price tag, I think it is worth it. The lipstick is $18. Both are available from Urban Decay and from Ulta.

BTW, my favorite colors are hell Ride, Wild Heart, and Guilt Trip. What do you think your favorites would be?IMG_1203


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  1. Rachael says:

    I do love the design on the box…and when opened it screams “Melissa.” 🙂 Obviously, I wouldn’t buy it, but I’m thrilled you are enjoying it…also it does look like they didn’t fill the pans. That’s not a bonus if you just see a pic. Keep having fun with it! 😉

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  2. Christa says:

    I think I would love Accelerate and Double Life. The shimmers look AMAZING!!

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  3. Diana Tidswell says:

    It looks like a nice make up collection. I love the designs of the packaging and the different shades of this palette, I am sure my sister would love it.

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  4. Great collection! I need to learn how to do my make up better lol

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  5. Brittany Nicole says:

    I think the packaging is one of my favorite parts, so fun and pretty! xo, Brittany Nicole | http://www.theblistblog.com

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  6. Sheree says:

    This collection is so pretty, I love the warmer sunset tones in the palette, perfect for a summer makeup look!

    ~xo Sheree

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  7. Luci Cook says:

    I really like this palette, my favorites are the bottom right quad. The lip color is really pretty.


  8. Dami says:

    Urban decay products are good and that palette is the bomb. I am still working on improving my makeup skills.

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  9. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anymore palettes for a bit until I use up what I have, but this palette has so many interesting colors, I don’t know if I can resist! I adore Urban Decay’s eye shadows!

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  10. Wow I actually didn’t expect to like the color choices as much as I do, but they really picked some great ones for this palette! I’m with you, though. I’d prefer to see more mattes than shimmers! I’m going to have to go to Ulta and see if I can find it in person.

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  11. Isabella says:

    These colors are so rich! They look gorgeous on you!

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  12. I just got this palette and am so excited to use it! It’s colorful in all the right ways, with plenty of neutrals to lean back on.

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