Product Spotlight: Primer

These are all my primers! ha. Too much? NEVER

What is primer, you ask?? Well, allow me to enlighten you!! 🙂  It is a product that goes on before your foundation. It gives your foundation a smooth surface on which to be applied. There are so many different kinds of primer. There are pore refining, smoothing, and blurring primers. Then there are primers for dry skin or oily skin. There are tinted primers, glow primers, bronzing primers, illuminating primers, and blemish treating primers. UGH! So, so many choices!! Let’s take a look at why primer is important and how to choose the right primer for you! OK?…. OK!! 🙂



#1 – What kind of skin do you have? – I have crazy dry skin. Like crazy sahara desert, cracks in the ground dry. So, generally I like to use a hydrating primer. If you have oily or combination skin, you might want to grab an oil control primer to help with the oiliness especially in the summer. My favorite hydrating primer right now is Bare Minerals (surprise, surprise) Good Hydrations Primer. It gives my skin a drink of water, as it were.



#2 – Do you have large pores? – I have large pores on my nose and chin. So, I like to use a pore diminishing or blurring primer on just those spots. If I use it all over, I break out because of clogged pores. My favorite primer for this purpose is the Cover FX burring primer. It is amazing what it does. It literally looks like you are using a photoshop action to blur your skin when you apply it. It does such a great job of blurring enlarged pores and really gives your skin an airbrushed look.

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#3 – Do you want a summer time glow or a bronzed look? – There are some primers that claim to add a glow to your skin or add a bronzed look. Honestly, I have not found a primer that really does as it claims. However, if you want to try there are many of them out there?

blemish remedy#4 – Do you have any additional skin conditions (acne, redness, skin discolorations, etc.) – If you have any skin conditions like those listed, you may want a primer that treats them. You can get color correcting primers or primers that will even out your skin tone with a little tint or blemish treating primer for acne prone skin. My skin is acne prone. I break out on my chin like nobody’s business. My favorite primer to help with that is the Bare Minerals (AGAIN!!) Blemish Remedy Mattifying Prep Gel. 


Whatever you are hoping to accomplish with your primer, definitely DON’T skip it!! It will help your makeup last longer and help with skin conditions and help your foundation to go on flawlessly. Currently I am using the cover FX just on my nose, using blemish remedy on my chin, and using the good hydrations everywhere else! Wow, that is a lot of primer, but it is really helping my skin and treating all the conditions with which I have trouble.  What do you look for in a primer or which one of these do you think you would like to try? Let me know in the comments…



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  1. Luna S says:

    I am still on the hunt for a good primer, it can be so hard to find one that is just right.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. melissasfavoritemakeup says:

      Yes it can! Especially when you have certain things you like about different ones.


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