Bare Minerals Crystalline Glow Bronzer and Highlighter Palette

This Crystalline Glow Bronzer & Highlighter Palette Rose Quartz from Bare Minerals is fairly new and I have been using it for a little over a month. I absolutely love everything about it. It is really complimentary for my skin tone and I love the rose gold look. I originally saw it on QVC when it launched, but it is now available wherever Bare Minerals is sold.
The actual palette itself is so gorgeous! I have it displayed on my makeup table just because it is so pretty! It also has a pretty usable mirror, which is great. Sometimes the mirrors are too small to actually be used to apply the product. Mine came with this angled brush. I use it to apply the bronzer, but I don’t use it for the highlighter as I prefer a fan brush for that.
There are 3 colors in this palette. The middle color is the bronzer. It is called glistening tropaz. You have to be careful with the bronzer. A little goes a very long way and you have to be careful to avoid looking orange. If you are heavy handed it just won’t look natural. It has a little bit of a shimmer and it just a gorgeous color. I apply it like I would a contour instead of like a regular bronzer. It goes on easily and blends really, really well.


The other two colors are highlighters. the one on the left is called Pink Moonstone and the one on the right is called Rose Quartz. They are very, very similar. The one on the left is slightly lighter. They are a nice shade of pink with gold running through. They are just so pretty! I prefer to apply these wet because it really makes the color pop and just adds even more of a glow to your face. I use a fan brush and spray it with setting spray before dipping into the highlighter. Again, you only have to tap it in to get enough product to do the job. As is the case with all bare minerals products, the more you buff it into your skin, the more it melts in and the pigments come out. I also used these as eyeshadows and applied them over my lip gloss just to add an extra sparkle. I love when a palette is really versatile.

See the tutorial below for tips on how to use this great new product! Bare Minerals is always coming out with great new stuff and I am rarely disappointed! They are such a great company!



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