*NEW* Urban Decay “Beached” Collection

So, I want to say right out of the gate that I didn’t get any kind of discount on these products. I know *gasp* – I just saw them and wanted to try them out. If you read my last post, you know that my first run in with urban decay eye shadows was not a successful one. I love this new “Beached” line so much that I was willing to give it another shot. So, when reading this, you can be assured that this is my honest review of something on which I spent my hard earned money. Well, I sold some cloth diapers to get the money. Haha.

 I know not everyone cares about what makeup looks like on the outside, but these are so pretty. I love the beach scene on the top of the palette and on the lipstick and bronzer. The only part of this collection that I didn’t get is the eye liner. That is because generally I just use shadow as a liner in order to save money. Shadow is also easier to blend than a liner.

 The idea behind the colors of this makeup is obviously the beach. It has all the colors of the sand and sea and they are gorgeous!

 I am going to start with the eyeshadow palette.

These colors go perfectly well together and you can mix and match any colors together and be assured they are going to look awesome! The pigment in the colors is fantastic! When I got done applying them for the first time, my five year old daughter said, “WOW, momma. That is beautiful!” That always makes you feel good. 🙂
  Like most shadows you can apply these wet or dry. If you apply wet, spray your brush with some setting spray. It will really make the colors pop. They blend so, so well!! I was really pleased with the looks I was able to do with these shades. The possibilities are endless. There are so many different combination looks you can come up with including as many or as few of these gorgeous colors as you wish. My favorite colors are actually the blues, which is odd, because typically I don’t like blue eye shadow at all. My favorite look was “salt” in the crease as a transition color. “Daybreak” I put on the inside of the eye on the inner half of the eyelid. Then I put 16th ST on the outside half of the eyelid. The last color I used was “Double Dip” on the v on the outside eye and also under the bottom lashes kind of like an eye liner. Just so, so gorgeous!!!

The lipstick comes in 3 different colors and I chose “Heatwave”. It is such a pretty metallized rust color and it matches the shadows perfectly. It feels great on the lips! I usually top my lipstick with gloss, but I didn’t need to do that with this one.

Lastly, we will talk about the bronzer. I usually use a contour palette instead of a bronzer, but this color is so pretty! It really gives you that “just came from the beach” glow! You can use it all over your face and neck. I use it just like i usually use my contour. These colors all match perfectly and I think Urban Decay really hit it out of the ballpark with this collection! It is a must have for summer!!!

I will be posting a tutorial using this collection soon!!!

Buy the Collection here: https://www.ulta.com/ulta/a/_/Ntt-urban%20decay%20beached/Nty-1?Dy=1&ciSelector=searchResults


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