How to foster an environment of thankfulness!

        I am going to depart a little from makeup for this post! 🙂 We have been so busy with the holidays coming up that honestly I barely find time to write or even do my makeup let alone try new things. The month of November is especially busy for us because…

Facebook Giveaway Winner!!!!

  The facebook giveaway is……….. drumroll please………………… . . . . . . . . . . Chelsie Turner   You will be tagged on facebook and you have 48 hours to claim your prize!!! 🙂 Please email me at

Wish List for a Beauty Blogger

I read a similar post to this one a few weeks ago except in a different genre of writing and I thought it would be a pretty fun one to do. What do you buy for a beauty blogger? What would be on my Christmas wish list? This was really fun to put together, mostly…

New giveaway on Instagram!!!

  This month’s giveaway is on Instagram!!! All you have to do is like and comment on the post to be entered! You will get an extra entry for a follow! 🙂 Go check it out! This giveaway is only live until November 12th! So, act fast to be entered!! Giveaway Post

Tip Tuesday – Things You Need To Know

  Always use a face primer under your foundation. Also, find a primer that works best for your skin type and addresses any skin concerns that you might have. There are many different types for oily and dry skin as well as pore minimizing, blemish treatment, reducing redness, smoothing skin, etc. Here are a few…

Tip Tuesday: Things You Need to Know

        Make sure you blend your bronzer and blush back into your hairline. You don’t want the color to just look like a giant circle on your face. Sweep your brush from your hairline forward. Bronzer at your cheek bones, and blush should go right above your bronzer.

October Unboxings Video

          *Disclaimer – Yes, I know I am losing hair. Between PCOS, thyroid disease, dystonia, and parenting my hair is quickly becoming non existent. You name it, I have it, and it causes hair loss. 🙂 Here are links for the subscription boxes that I opened today IPSY: Ipsy Subscription Box sign…

*Trying New Things* Makeup Brushes

    Generally, once I find a makeup brush that I love, that is all I use. I don’t try new ones very often. However, I have had some sent to me recently that I was interested in trying out and I thought I would share them with you. 1. Luxie makeup brushes – I…

Tip Tuesday: Things You Need to Know

  Use a light shimmer eyeshadow or a highlighter to highlight the inner corner of the eye and the area under the arch of the eyebrow. It will make your eyes look wider and more awake as well as make the arch in your eyebrow more defined.